Welcome to Henry the Hippo<br /> Healthy School Meal Program

Welcome to Henry the Hippo
Healthy School Meal Program

Henry The Hippo school meal program is the school division of Healthy Heart Food Service, Inc. which was founded in 2008. Located in Brooklyn, NY, Henry the Hippo feeds several thousand children each day throughout New York City .

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Our Mission

Henry the Hippo is more than just a school lunch program. We are a company dedicated to making a positive contribution to the wellness and learning ability of each student by providing nutritious and tasty school meals in an efficient and innovative way.

Our chefs create a wide ranging lunch menu of delicious main dishes and sides, with Kosher, Gluten free, and vegetarian options available upon request. All meals are prepared using high quality ingredients, and are made fresh daily. Responsible drivers deliver the meals, ensuring the accuracy of each order.

At Henry the Hippo, we guarantee friendly and proactive customer service, and strive for outstanding meals, and even better management and service.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

Eating healthy is more than just an objective, it’s a lifestyle. Henry the Hippo has a vision of promoting nutrition and wellness among our youth by creating a community of mindful eaters and educators.

Our Henry the Hippo mascot makes scheduled visits to partnering schools to encourage healthy and clean eating in a positive and kid-friendly way. 

It is our vision and ambition to give back to our schools and communities by providing the foundation off which to raise flourishing, happy children.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal at Henry the Hippo is to provide our clients with outstanding service while meeting their specific and individual needs.

We proudly operate with integrity and care, and are determined and eager to improve and grow as a company and as a community, to constantly pursue excellence.

Goals and Objectives

Program Features

Free Trial Day

Request a free trial day of lunch service at your school and experience the excellence of the Henry the Hippo meal program

Kosher & Vegetarian

We offer non-kosher, Kosher, and vegetarian options as well as catering to specific allergies and restrictions.

Reliable Delivery

Trained drivers deliver meals according to specific school preferences and oversee accuracy of each order.

Henry the Hippo Mascot

Schedule visits from Henry the Hippo mascot at no charge, to encourage healthy eating in a positive and kid-friendly way.

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What a wonderful experience we've had with Henry the Hippo in our school!  We switched due to some issues with our old lunch program, and the decision to do so was a great one for us.  Henry the Hippo is reliable and easy to use.

The food quality is exceptional and fresh, with a solid variety of options every day. The student's actually look forward to lunch, and constantly ask for Mascot Henry to make an appearance. This is the first lunch program we have used that is actually geared toward the students and presented in such a kid friendly and exciting way!

Our experience has so far been an absolute pleasure, they have worked with us to accommodate students with specific dietary needs, and every phone call or email is responded to within the day! Highly highly recommend!

Emily Saban
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